Brot Zeit

Chef Dee, the mastermind behind the wildly successful & highly rated food truck "The Salty German", specializes in German & European Cuisine and has formal training in Europe - specifically Germany & Italy.

She prides herself in farm to table, fresh, organic, and wholesome foods packed with flavors & influences from her home country Germany.

We partner with local farms & artisan bakers & butchers, import authentic German meats, cheeses, and condiments, as well as chocolate & coffee, to bring you the best experience with ethnic cuisine we can create without being in Germany.

We aren't your average restaurant. We are a specialty kitchen that focuses on traditional German & European cooking. You won't find BBQ, Asian, or even American dishes on our menu. Inspirations - maybe. We are an expert in our niche and committed to our craft and heritage.

Our team is unique, just like our food. We come from all over the world, have tattoos, passion, and a love for food and our community. Together we are Team Fitzhugh. Dedicated to great food & even better experiences.

Meet the Team

We are a small team right now but we are looking to grow by April. Chef Dee is looking for one or two understudies to teach and grow with the business. Get in touch to learn more!

Chef Deanna Ayres

Chef Dee

Owner & Chef

Chef Dee brings over 15 years of culinary experience to Fitzhugh Kitchen. She's most comfortable in the kitchen cooking and planning, meeting with farmers & local vendors to create amazing & fresh German cuisine.


Brooke Burnett

Catering Barista

While you won't meet Brooke at the Brewery, you'll want to meet her if you hire us for catering. She's a fantastic Barista & Personalized Drink Bar Creator! She handles all of our catering beverages and is amazing at it.




Chef Dee is looking for one or two driven understudies that want to learn and grow with Fitzhugh Kitchen. A passion for food, a strong work ethic, and a love for Germany are a must in this position. Weekends REQUIRED. Email today!

Want to join the team?

Chef Dee is a no nonsense kind of chef. The kitchen is quiet during service. If you need music, lots of noise, this isn't for you. But if you want to be a part of Fitzhugh Kitchen, have a chance at learning & growing with this team and work your way up to head chef or manager, then let's talk. Following instructions is vital to succeed. Email us your resume and explain why you want to work with Chef Dee. Tell us about your background, your plans for the next 5 years, and use your favorite German food as your email title alongside your name.