We know you have a lot of questions! We won't be able to answer them all but hope this helps!

What’s The Brewery Name?

Ah, yeah, we know you're dying to know! BUT we have to finish all of our contracts and permits before we can officially announce everything. Just know, that the beer is delicious, and reminds us of Germany. So the pairing will be great and you'll love it! We are so excited because German Beer & Food is a match made in culinary heaven 😉

So When Will You Open?

Looks like May 2019 with a limited menu. We won't have the full kitchen for a bit - we are boot strapping - so your support and patronage means everything to us! We can't wait to grow with and for you and bring our amazing specials and family style events to the brewery. Almost there!

What Food Will You Serve?

While we are working with a limited kitchen, we will serve our Biergarten Menu only. It'll feature some German specialties like Brotzeit, Fleischsalat, Bratwurst, Steak Brotchen, and more! What's Brotzeit & Fleischsalat?
Brotzeit (depending on which one you'll order) includes bread and or brotchen, a variety of German cold cuts, cheeses, pickles, mustard, butter, onions, etc. It's delicious and fun to eat!
Fleischsalat is Meat Salad - Hold on now.. don't get weirded out. We promise it's refreshing and delicious, and very German! 

Is Your Food Imported? Fresh?

Chef Dee believes in scratch cooking. Whole food. Healthy & natural ingredients. She has her sausages hand crafted by a German Butcher in Texas, Bread made fresh by a German Baker. She sources local as much as possible, and imports what needs to be from Germany. She's determined to bring the most authentic German cuisine to Central Texas that's possible and in order to achieve that, she makes it all from scratch and you can taste the difference. She wants you to experience the taste of Germany and the family oriented meal times she treasured growing up.

What About The Salty German?

The Salty German remains in Wimberley in a different capacity. We closed the trailer to focus on our new adventure here. That being said, during the week, we serve to go food from our commercial kitchen in Wimberley, teach cooking classes to kids and teens, and test new recipes for Fitzhugh Kitchen.

We'd Love To Learn More About Chef Dee..

If you're with any type of media, food blogger, journalist, food critic, magazine, etc. we'd love to put you in touch with Chef Dee. While she's really busy, she's excited to talk about her food, her plans, German cuisine, and life in Texas.

If you're just curious, you're more than welcome to reach out and email. She's not much of a phone conversationalist but she loves to chat, or grab a cup of coffee. If she has time, she's known to come out of the kitchen and check in with everyone about the food and experience!

Are You Hiring?

We sort of are. Right now, we are looking, meeting, and checking people out. We want to build a dedicated and fantastic team that stays with us for the long haul. If you're interested, feel free to get in touch and set up a meeting!